Published and Accepted Work

"Regulatory Arbitrage in Teacher Hiring and Retention: Evidence from Massachusetts Charter Schools" (with Scott Imberman and Marcus Winters)  

"Professional Development at Scale: The Causal Effect of Obtaining an SEI Endorsement Under Massachusetts' RETELL Initiative" (with Nathan Jones, Yasuko Kanno, and Marcus Winters)

Working Papers

"The Effect of Combat Deployments on Veterans' Outcomes" (with  Kyle Greenberg, Matthew Gudgeon, Evan Rose, and Yotam Shem-Tov) [Updated October 2022

"Police Violence Reduces Civilian Cooperation and Engagement with Law Enforcement" (with Desmond Ang, Panka Bencsik, and Ellora Derenoncourt) [Updated September 2021]

"Competition in the Black Market: Estimating the Causal Effect of Gangs in Chicago" [Updated March 2021, Gang Map Data] (This paper was formerly circulated under the title: "The Geography of Gang Violence")

"The Consequences of Sorting for Understanding School Quality" [Updated August 2020] 

"Crime and Public Housing: A General Equilibrium Analysis" [Updated January 2018, online appendix]

Works in Progress

"Is there a Critical Mass? Gender Composition and Behavior in U.S. City Councils" (with Emilia Brito, Thea How-Choon and Anna Weber) [Draft available upon request]

"Who Benefits from Remote Schooling? Self Selection and Match Effects" (with Christopher Campos and Eric Chyn) [Draft available upon request]