Published and Accepted Work

"Regulatory Arbitrage in Teacher Hiring and Retention: Evidence from Massachusetts Charter Schools" (joint with Scott Imberman and Marcus Winters) [Forthcoming at The Journal of Public Economics, click here for ungated version]

"Professional Development at Scale: The Causal Effect of Obtaining an SEI Endorsement Under Massachusetts' RETELL Initiative" (joint with Nathan Jones, Yasuko Kanno, and Marcus Winters) [Forthcoming at Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis]

Working Papers

"Police Violence Reduces Civilian Cooperation and Engagement with Law Enforcement" (Joint with Desmond Ang, Panka Bencsik, and Ellora Derenoncourt) [Updated September 2021]

"Competition in the Black Market: Estimating the Causal Effect of Gangs in Chicago" [Updated March 2021, Gang Map Data] (This paper was formerly circulated under the title: "The Geography of Gang Violence")

"The Consequences of Sorting for Understanding School Quality" [Updated August 2020]

"Crime and Public Housing: A General Equilibrium Analysis" [Updated January 2018, online appendix]

Works in Progress

"Gender Composition and Voting Strategies in U.S. City Councils" (joint with Emilia Brito, Thea How-Choon and Anna Weber)